Online Tutors Jobs Pakistan
Online Tutors Jobs Pakistan
Online Tuition Pakistan
+92332-3343253, Skype id: ascc576
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  • Online Tutors Jobs Pakistan
    Online Tutors Jobs Pakistan
    Online Tutors Jobs Pakistan
    Al-Saudia Virtual Academy
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    Pakistan Online Tuition Jobs Provider - Welcome To ASVA – World Best Online Tutor Jobs Provider Pakistan, India, Online Tutoring Service Pakistan – Pakistan First and the Largest Online Tutor Academy & Online Tutor Jobs Provider.

    Online Tutor Jobs Pakistan: Tutor Tuition Tutoring Jobs Pakistan:
    Al-Saudia Virtual Academy, Pakistan first and the largest online tutor provider, offers good handsome salary jobs to the tutor, qualified personal, who are willing to join the profession and get international online students, we welcome tutors from all around the globe, Pakistani tutor, Indian tutors, Bangladeshi tutors, American tutors, British tutors, Iranian tutors, Arabic tutors, Kuwaitti tutors, Saudi Arabian Tutors, Russian Tutors, Turkish tutors, Jordanian Tutors.
    Online Tuition Pakistan
    Get registered with Al-Saudia Virtual Academy, We only charge one time nominal registration fee, its based on yearly basis, We give you your required tuition and dont take any commission  other than our first time registration fee.
    Online Tutoring is becoming popular day by day today, due to many reason people taking advantage of most flexible, reliable and easy to go method of online tutoring.
    Who Can Join US?
    Professional Teachers, Retired teachers, Students with academic background, Science professional like engineers, doctors, economist, statistician. Or any one with english conversation, solid subject approach.
    What You Need To Become Online Tutor?
    A Good Computer 
    Reliable Internet Connection
    Graphic Tablet (Specially for Math and Science Subjects)
    Necessary Software like flash, MS office, etc
    How Much Can You Earn?
    It depends upon how much time you serve on your tuitions, you can easily get $2000 to $ 2500 per month if you serve 10-12 hours a day.
    Online Training Session:
    Al-Saudia Virtual Academy provide online training to our registered teachers through video tutorial, skype chating, PDF file and other resources. We donot charge any fee for training. You just have to pay our registeration fee once on yearly basis.
    Co-operate Partners:
    People, Academies, institutes who are willing to join us as our partner are welcome to our premium membership, premium member get 500% more tuitions then normal members.
    We are the best in providing good tuitions to qualified and skilled tutors.  Get students of all subjects math, physics, chemistry, biology, business studies, etc.
    The Major demand for online teachers are for math, chemistry, biology, edexcel physics, AS and A2 level physics, AS and A2 level chemistry, GED tutors, calculus tutor, biology tutor, test preparation tutor, Arabic tutor, If you have experienced of teaching above mentioned subjects then you have really good opportunitites of getting students online.
    Major demand for students are from Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, UAE, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, We provide tuition based on your native languages, russian tutor for russian students, Arabic tutors for Arabic students, Indian tutors for Indian national students.
    We get online students from all over the globe. Al-Saudia being the largest online tutoring service provide you good opportunities to get online students regarding to your qualification and experience.
    For further detail contact Mr.Khan +92336-2023305;
    Professor Masood: +92332-3343253
    Skype id:ascc576
    or write email:
    Or Visit our website: Pakistan Online Tuition
    Online Tutor Jobs Pakistan