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    Pakistan Best Online Banking and Finance Tuition, Pakistan Online Tuition Academy, Al-Saudia Virtual Academy is Pakistan First and the Largest Online Tutor Academy. We provide Pakistan expert online tutors for USA, UK and Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Doha, Dammam, and almost each and every corner of the world. Our expert professor are well experienced, highly educated, dedicated and result oriented with experience of teaching professionally in different high valued colleges, schools and universities. They are well versed with all the curriculum of different countries, specially with the curriculum of different states of America, including Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, UK, Canada and Australia.
    Banking refers to all activities of commercial and non-commercial banks including lending of money, deposit of money, cash transfer, L/C handling, transaction and processing etc. Finance is the backbone of all commercial activities, trade and industries.
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    Banking and Finance Notes
    Banking & Finance
    Banking &
    Banking &
    Banking & Finance 
    Letter Of Credit
    World Bank
    Asian Development Bank
    Islamic Development Bank
    Factors influencing on Foreign Exchange
    Types of Advances
    Five Basic Principles of Lending
    Types of Deposit
    Dishonored of Check


    Purchase of Trade Bills
    Money and Banking
    Musharika Financing
    Musharika Sharing of Profit 
    Markup - Bal-Muajjal
    Islamic & International Banking 
    Difference between Islamic and International Banking 
    Leasing (Ijrah)

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