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    Pakistan Best Online Tuition, Pakistani Online Stats Tutor Elementary Statistics, Interpolation, Financial Statistics, Time Series, Index Numbers, Probability and Applied Statistics, Official Statistics, Continuous Probability distributions and Elements of Sampling.

    Pakistan Best Online Stats Tuition, Pakistan Online Tuition Academy, Al-Saudia Virtual Academy is Pakistan First and the Largest Online Tutor Academy. We provide Pakistan expert online tutors for USA, UK and Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Doha, Dammam, and almost each and every corner of the world. Our expert professor are well experienced, highly educated, dedicated and result oriented with experience of teaching professionally in different high valued colleges, schools and universities. They are well versed with all the curriculums of different countries, specially with the curriculums of different states of America, including Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, UK, Canada and Australia.
    Statistics is the science which deals with the methods of collection, classification, presentation, and interpretation of data, our online satatistics classes are conducted by Pakistan top most stats tutors and professor. The above links are related to the notes, we generally provided to our students of statistics of different classes and levels, They are written by Professor Masood Amir, a well known online math and stats tutor. 
    Students can get online statistics help, assignment help, homework help and tutoring classes, just write down to our emial:, add our skype id: ascc576, or call +923323343253.  
    Stats Tutor  - - Statistics Tuitions
    Stats Tutor
    Probability and Applied
    Statistics I
    Stats Tutor I 
    Stats Tutor I StatsTutor 
    Definition of probability Simple laws of probabiity Combinatorial problems coditional probability 
    Baye's theorem with proof and applications 
    Statistical independence (pairwise and mutual) Discrete Random variable Probability mass function Mathematical expectation of random variable and simple functions of random variables 
    Generating functions (Recurring series) 
    Moment Generating functions 
    Cumulants and cumulating generating functions with their properties
    Discrete probability distributions Binomial, Poisson, Geometric and Hypergeometric distributions - Derivation of mean, variance, moments (ß1) and (ß2) of the above distributions.  


    Official Statistics (OS), 
    Quality of Statistics, generation of OS, pecularities and properties of OS. 
    Limitation of OS.
    errors in OS, Methods of elimination of errors and mistakes. 
    Sources of OS in Pakistan
    type of Statistical available
    Set up of major statistical organization in Pakistan  
    (Federal Bureau of statistics Provincial Bureau of statistics and State Bank of Pakistan) Agriculutural, Population, Banking, Economic and General Statisitcs series 
    National and International Classification
    Source of demoraphic data
    Graphical and Numerical studies of Demographic data. 
    Calculation of vital rates and ratios (Mortality and Fertility) Crude and specified rates Rates of Natural increase (simple and geometric) Standarized Death rates T.F.R., G.R.R., N.R.R., Simple Life Table
    Basic concept of quality control and International quality standards, X and R, and X and s charts