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Online Physics Tutor: Mohamid Karim

Online Physics Tutor

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Mohamid Karim - Online Physics Tutor

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Igniting Minds with the Wonders of Physics

Hello, I’m Mohamid Karim, Online Physics Tutor,🚀 Passionate Online Physics Tutor 🎓 | M.Sc. in Physics 🎓 | 12+ Years Online Teaching Experience 💻 | 15+ Years Classroom Teaching Experience 📚 | Committed to Empowering Students with the Wonders of Physics ⚛️|Experienced in Edexcel, IB, IGCSE, AQA, GCSE Courses 🏅.

Expert Online Physics tuition

As an ardent and dedicated Online Physics tutor, I am Mohamid Karim, M.Sc. in Physics. 12+ years online, 15+ years classroom experience. Igniting curiosity, exploring universe’s wonders, empowering students in the thrilling journey of Physics. Join me now! ⚡️

Teaching Philosophy:

Dedicated Physics educator fostering love for Physics through engaging methods. Interactive teaching, real-world applications, and profound appreciation for the universe’s laws. Join the thrilling journey! ⚛️

Areas of Expertise:

  • Specialized in International Baccalaureate (IB), Edexcel, and IGCSE Physics tutoring.
  • Profound understanding of curriculum requirements and exam patterns in these educational boards.
  • Expertise in simplifying intricate concepts, ensuring every student grasps the subject with ease.

Teaching Approach:

Student-centered Physics educator: Tailoring teaching with visuals, simulations, and discussions for a dynamic, curiosity-driven, and confident learning experience.


Igniting curiosity, empowering students with Physics fundamentals, fostering academic excellence, and a lifelong passion for inquiry.

Join me on this captivating adventure through the realm of Physics, where we will unlock the mysteries of the universe together!