Physics Notes X Class Karachi Board

Physics Notes for Matric Class (Karachi Board),

Dear Students, you are welcome to Al-Saudia Online Coaching Centre. We are presenting the Notes for Matric class, Karachi Board.

Here are the notes for Physics.
Matric Class:
Chapter # 1: Introduction to Physics
Chapter # 2: Measurments
Chapter #3 : Scalars and Vectors
Chapter #4 : Kinematics Mechanics, Kinematics MCQs, Motion in Two Dimensions

Question on Kinematics (Physix X Kinematics 1), (Physics X Kinematics 2), (Physics X Kinematics 3), (Physics X Kinematics 4), (Physics X Kinematics 5), (Physics X Kinematics 6), (Physics X Kinematics 7), (Physics X Kinematics 8), (Physics X Kinematics 9), (Physics X Kinematics 10), (Physics X Kinematics 11), (Physics X Kinematics 12), (Physics X Kinematics 13).
Chapter #5 : Force and Motion, (Physics X Motionnforce 1), (Physics X Motionnforce 2), (Physics X Motionnforce 3), (Physics X Motionnforce 4), (Physics X Motionnforce 5), Torque and Angular Momentum
Chapter # 6: Statics
Chapter # 7: Circular Motion and Gravitation, Gravitation MCQs
Chapter # 8: Work Energy and Power, (Work Power and Energy Qs)
Chapter # 9: Machines
Chapter # 10: Matter
Chapter # 11: Heat
Chapter # 12: Waves and Sounds, (Waves and Motion MCQs 1), (Waves and Motion MCQs 2)
Chapter # 13: Propagation and Reflection of Light
Chapter # 14: Reflection of Light and Optical Instrumentsinstruments, Geometrical Optics MCQs
Chapter # 15: Nature of Light and Electromagnetics spectrum, Electro Magnetic Waves and Electronics
Chapter # 16: Electricity, Current and Electricity MCQs, Electrical Measuring Instruments
Chapter # 17: Magnetic and Electromagnetism, Magnetism and ElectroMagnetism MCQs
Chapter # 18: Electronics, Atomic Spectra
Chapter # 19: Nuclear Physics, Advent of Modern Physics, Atomic Nucleus

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